Grand Canyon Historical Society Greenlaw Photo Collection

Don Gray, the grandson of Charles A. Greenlaw Jr. and Clara Greenlaw (both now deceased), provided these pictures under the condition that they not to be used for profit under any circumstances. They are meant to be shared, viewed and enjoyed by all who wish to do so.

Greenlaw Photo Collection


Don verified that his grandfather (Charles Greenlaw Jr.) owned and ran a garage in Seligman for some period of time which is how his grandfather came to meet his grandmother while she was working at the Harvey House. The lady pictured in one of the Harvey House photos (Tillie Raugh) was a long-time friend of Don's grandmother who came out from Wisconsin with Clara when they started to work at the Harvey House. Don's dad says that they both talked their parents into letting them go to Seligman together in 1915.




Don Gray

Contributed: Friday, May 28, 2004